Permanent Exhibition


Welcome to the wilds of the Robson Valley.  On permanent display in our new space are a series of wildlife specimens – some on loan and some donated to the museum.  Most of the animals are behind glass in order to protect them better.  Behind the animals are scenes from the Robson Valley – highlighting our natural wonders and the traditional environment of the creatures.  Our animals are lovingly cared for by local taxidermist and hunter/trapper Bryan Monroe.

Below the animals, we have also featured two unique instruments from McBride’s history.  In the picture above is the first piano to come to McBride.  George and Anna Holdway brought their piano in via boxcar in 1916.  The piano was originally built in Guelph, Ontario in the 1880’s by W. Bell and Company.  The ivory keys are mostly intact and the piano today is still playable.  We do ask that those wishing to play it speak with an employee first.

Our second instrument is a pump organ manufactured in Woodstock, Ontario by D.W. Karn and Company for  Adam Grant, of Hawick Scotland.  The organ was bought in Victoria, BC by Ron Hawkins then brought to McBride in 1979 when he moved here.  His kids were apparently never allowed to touch the organ, which is why they think it is in such good condition.  The organ is alo playable, but again, please talk with staff before playing it.