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W. A. Walker
Photo taken looking up Dominion Creek to the railway trestle faintly visible in the upper right. The tent marked with 'x' was the home of…

W. A. Walker
A photo taken in Fort George (now Prince George) of a couple buildings. On the left there is a government agency building and on the right is the…

A photo of Myrtle Johnson and constable W. A. Walker in a boat. They are on the edge of Horseshoe Lake by Walker's farm.

W. A. Walker
A photo of Reverend Frank Bushfield's children playing on a tricycle sometime around 1914.

Constable W. A. Walker driving a team of Oxen in McBride "just for relaxation" as he says on the back of the photograph. You can see a couple of the…

Constables W. A. Walker and Casey Jones rafting on Horseshoe Lake. Walker stands while Jones sits.

W. A. Walker holding a coyote he had just shot, and next to him is his dog, Paddy. On the back he writes recalling what happened when he had the hide…

W. A. Walker
August 1927 - W. A. Walker standing next to a 6'11" Estonian count in Fort St. James. They are standing behind a car. According to Walker, the…

Fort George Police 1914. Front L to R : Chief W. R. (Bill) Danswood, const. Jim Galloway, gov't agent Tom Hearn,
Back L to R : Bill Manson, Indian…

W. A. Walker in his office in Prince George, 1925. Walker went to Prince George after his time in McBride. He is sitting at a desk in uniform. On the…

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