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A newspaper article on the recent open house hosted by the hospital. The article praises the work of the local Candy Stripers who guided the tour.

Frank E. Runnalls
A photo taken on the police barracks lawn during a community picnic held there on July 19th, 1919. The tall fence in the background is the prisoner…

Frank E. Runnalls
A photo taken at Lucerne in 1919. In the photo there are dozens of boxcar homes lined up in rows.

Frank E. Runnalls
A photo of a large group of people gathered in front of Wyatt Bros. Store on Main Street and Second Avenue getting ready to depart for Mile 50 (Dore…

Frank E. Runnalls
A picnic at the police barracks on July 19th, 1919. The tall fence in the background is the prisoner stockade.
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A photo taken from the top of the round house showing the east side of town. You can see some train cars on the tracks, a lot of houses, and a large…

___ Rosin
Ernie Martin marching in the Canada Day parade dressed as a woman. In the background people are crowding the sidewalks.

Mike Frye
A photo taken by Mike Frye in the late seventies of the St. Paul's United Church. In the picture a side building is also visible. The side building…

Trudy Hood
Waiting for dinner at the Dunster Community Hall, 1990. A part of the Dunster 75th anniversary. From left: ____, _____.

Trudy Hood
Men hanging out at the Dunster community hall parking lot, August 1990. This was part of Dunster's 75th anniversary celebration.

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