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Don Smith
Broadcast burning by helicopter 26 km up the Holmes River in 1982. Skid trails visible on the right side of hill.

Don Smith
Broadcast burning (fires lit by helicopter), is done to clean debris and ready ground for planting by removing hazards and pests (beetles, etc). Circa…

Don Smith
Building the Goat River road in the early 1980's near McBride,BC

Don Smith
A Yarder parked on a road with snow in front. Yarder's are used in logging to haul logs up/down rough terrain to a landing platform for easier…

Don Smith
Landing debris being burned by Zeidlers in the early 1980's

The Monroe whip sawmill in use on Mountainview Road near McBride. The mill was owned by Everett Monroe, The bottom man operating is Everett.

a photo of an older couple in front of a house

a group of women standing in front of a building

three women sitting together. The middle woman is holding a bouquet of daffodils, still wrapped up. The women appear to have been having tea/wine.

Doug Sangster and ____ working on a puzzle time at Christmas. Christmas cards are hung int he background on a string.

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