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A scrapbook collection compiled by Eleanor Johnson of articles and photos associated with the Candy Stripers Association.


Eleanor Johnson


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Items in the Candy Stripers Fonds Collection

Candy Striper Receives Plaque
Mrs. Adene Clay, presents first place plaque to Candy Striper Linda May Molendyk for the "History of Candy Striping" in their home town.

Candy Striper Conference Info Form
A typed letter from Pat Harris of Mackenzie inviting the McBride Candy Stripers, and their advisers, to attend an upcoming weekend conference for Candy Stripers and Cadets.

Introduction in Candy Striper Organizing
A letter to Hospital Auxiliary secretary Mrs. Edna Hodgson from Mrs. Adene Clay, a Candy Striper Adviser and future Provincial Candy Striper Chairman. In the letter Clay provides advice and some instructions for starting up and running a Candy…

McBride and District Hospital
Photo of the McBride and District Hospital looking north/east with Beaver Mountain in the background.

Candy Striper Formation
A 1968 article published in the McBride-Valemount Times introducing the new Candy Stripers in the area.

Praise for Candy Stripers
A newspaper article complimenting the great work done by the Candy Stripers at the McBride Hospital.

Candy Stripers Receive Caps
The first Candy Stripers being awarded their 75 hour caps in 1968. L to R : Patsy Kopach, Georgina Porrier, Eleanor Wright. Mrs. Mary Leiske presents Miss. Porrier with a cap while Mrs. Dorothy Monroe looks on.
The Candy Stripers, who had formed…

Candy Stripers Pose for Picture
Cap Pinning Ceremony in June, 1968. Caps are awarded to those Candy Stripers who have volunteered for at least 75 hours. Back row L to R : Susan Hale, Patsy Kopach, and Ann Bartlett. Front Row L to R : Georgina Porrier, and Eleanor Wright.

Candy Stripers Get Their Caps
A newspaper clipping featuring the Candy Stripers who received their 75 hour cap, standing with their advisers.

Candy Stripers, 1968
A photo of four Candy Stripers standing together in a row. Second girl from the left is Georgina Porrier, and the girl on her right is Eleanor Wright. The photo was taken at the cap pinning celebration. At the celebration, five Candy Stripers would…


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