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A collection of photos donated by Flo Mynio featuring the McBride CN Station and the Beanery Restaurant


Flo Mynio


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Items in the Mynio Fonds Collection

Gals Being Pals
A photo of two women, with their arms around each other, standing outside the McBride CN Station.

Posing on the Platform
A photo of two men on the McBride CN Station platform. In the background there is a Canadian National Express sign.

Peter Titiryn and Marie McCulloch Outside the Beanery
Pete Titiryn and Marie McCulloch (in her waitress uniform) standing outside the Beanery Restaurant in the late 1940's. Jim McCulloch was manager of the Beanery during that time.

Three Ladies and Their Ice Cream
A photo of three women, each holding an ice cream cone, posing on the platform outside the Beanery Restaurant. The CN Express sign is in the background.

Group Photo Outside Beanery
A winter photo of a uniformed man, two women, and two children (one on a sled) outside the Beanery Restaurant.

Standing on the Platform
Two men standing on the platform on the far east side of the McBride CN Station outside the Beanery Restaurant. One of the men is dressed in the plain white uniform of the Beanery cook.

Parade Outside CN Station
Parade participants march past the CN Station and Beanery Restaurant.

A bevy of McBride beauties ride aboard a festive float rolling past the McBride CN Station and Beanery Restaurant. In the foreground, spectators are enjoying the parade.

Children's Bike Parade
Children parading their decorated bikes past the CN Station and the Beanery Restaurant.

Parade Outside Beanery/CN Station
A group of horsemen/women riding in the parade outside of the Beanery Restaurant and CN Station.


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