GTP Garden & Park

        In the foreground is the land set aside by the Grand Trunk Pacific to act as a garden for passengers to explore at their leisure.  Some degree of garden, often including roses, would have been placed at every GTP station enticing passengers to move to the area.  The rose garden worked two fold—if roses could grow this well, think how well your vegetable garden will grow;  and as a demonstration of the free time that residents have here that they can spend time and money on roses.


Photo:  View of Main Street and Second from the Fraser Hotel, probably late summer 1914.  At far top left are the Methodist Church (later the United Hall) and the Cariboo Hotel.  On Main Street: Owens and Johnson, Burns Meat Market, —-, —-, Armstrong and Ellis Real Estate, City Bakery (tent).  South side of Main: W.A.E. Wall store and relocated Goodman store and warehouses.  Above centre are the Yale Rooms, taken over by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Taggart in 914.  Work on the building at right ceased soon after this—it stood alone and unfinished in 1919, and was gone in the 1920’s.  Valley Museum and Archives.