McBride Sidewalks

McBride Citizens Repair Sidewalks

“The sidewalk massagers of McBride no longer require the assistance of their little searchlamp at night, nor the baby carriage its daily repair.  All of the merchants, residents and Grand Trunk employees, the latter with no less representatives than our friends Harry Volskey and Morris O’Rourke, worked industriously without thought of rest, under the leadership of Captains Jamieson and Wyatt, in an effort to straighten out the kinks, cover up the holes and lift the low joints of the McBride sidewalks.

From sunrise until sunset, on Friday and Saturday, all available man power in or around McBride was put into use.  When the bulk of the workers turned out, after 6 p.m., the teamsters and horses were so amazed that they refused to work.  If you had seen with what zest these workers, ministers, policemen, grocerymen, clothiers, druggists, tonsorlists, homesteaders, shopmen, locomotive engineers and firemen, doctors and clerks fell to their tasks, pulling a lumber wagon, using the two man saws, and hammering the nail, sometimes fingers, you too would have forgotten your soft house slippers and the cozy fireplace and joined in the bee.”  (Prince George Citizen, September 24, 1918.)


Photo:  Postcard featuring McBride, July 1st, 1913.  Valley Museum and Archives, Walker Fonds.