Log-Tel Motel

The Log Tel Motel was built in 1957 by the Melkos and is believed to be the first Motel in McBride.  There had been several hotels within the town prior to this, but the Log-Tel was unique in that each room had its own entrance and the business was designed to capitalize on motoring traffic.  In its first iteration, the motel also had a trailer court in the back.  Although construction began in 1957, the Log-Tel did not open for business until September 1959. 

Melkos eventually sold the motel to Tom and Doreen Orton, then got the motel back and sold it again.  The Log-Tel Motel got its name as a play on BC-Tel, which the owners figured every one would recognize.  Most recently called the Bell Mountain Motel, many of the rooms have been renovated with the most recent owners.

Today part of the original log structure remains as a central part of the motel.


Top: Log-Tel Motel, 1961.  Valley Museum and Archives – Haan Fonds.

Bottom: Original log structure of Log-Tel Motel, 2017.  Photo by William Clark.