Stag Ranch

Built in the early 1920’s by the Jaye’s, the Stag Ranch is one of the oldest buildings in the valley.  In 1931, three bachelors, Charles Dredger, Louie Noon and Eddie Egan, bought the ranch.  While the origin of the ranch’s name has been lost to history, Dredger was recorded as saying “[t]hat’s how this place got he name of the Stag Ranch, and it’s been staggering ever since.”

Dredger had come to the area in 1911, while the Grand Trunk Pacific was under construction.  He earned his living driving scows of supplies on the Fraser River from Tete Jaune to Prince George.  Upon his arrival in Prince George, Dredger would then need to walk back 160 miles to start again.  Dredger made this trip five times before moving on to other work.   

The Stag Ranch has undergone life-saving surgery recently and is privately owned, so PLEASE DO NOT go inside the fence.


Photo:  Elizabeth Koeneman at the Stag Ranch, built in the 1920’s by Mr. and Mrs. Jayes.  Valley Museum and Archives.