McBride Trading Company

The McBride Trading Company was one of many buildings built in McBride by W.A.E. Wall.  Long since torn down, the name McBride Trading Company has been brought back to life with this “new” building in the same location.

Wall’s son, Art, tells the story best: “[m]y late father was W. A. E. “Bill” Wall.  He owned and operated the McBride Trading Company, a general store that covered the whole universe of general merchandising.  In those early years, we lived in quarters at the back of the store, so you could say that I was literally born into my Dad’s business world…Dad came here in late 1913 ahead of the steel.  He opened a store in 1914 in what was then a tent and shack-town, having freighted his start-up equipment and supplies in by scow on the river.  My mother came when the steel rails reached the townsite.  She brought with her my oldest sister, Frances, who was a babe-in-arms.  She was born in Nelson and may have needed a visa to get into this new part of the world.  At that time McBride was thought to be at the end of the universe!”

The current building in this location was built  by Doug Taggart in the late 50’s and was only part of the original location of the Trading Company.  Over the years this building has hosted numerous businesses – a health food store, gift shop, and even a tea house.


Photo: W.A.E. (Bill) Wall’s store on Main Street, 1925.  L to R: in car, Howard Ludgate and Guy, Bill Tipton, Bob Filby, —-, Tom Hay, Dick Sharples, Stan Birkenhead, Taffy Edmonds, Harold Hollis, —-, George Long, Rod Anderson, Bill Wall.  Boys:  Biilly Wallis (with bicycle), seated: Allen Holmes, —-, Walter Long.  Photo courtesy of Valley Museum and Archives