Royal Canadian Legion

One of the oldest organizations in McBride, the Royal Canadian Legion was formed by the veterans of World War I.  Initially, they were called the British Empire Service League, then the name was changed in the early 1920’s to the Royal Canadian Legion.  January 11, 1927, they received their charter under the Canadian Legion.  By this point, additional veterans from other parts of the Empire had returned and the membership swelled.  Original charter members included: George A. Long, Charles Edwards, F.L. Waller, S. Birkenhead, W.J. Payne, R.S. Veale, James McKale, John Sharples, J.G. Wall, W.G. Martin, E. Wilson, W.R. Keat, Thomas Clay, James White, and D.W. Mason.

The original Hall stood on the North-West corner of Main Street and Third Avenue.  For a time, the original hall actually served as a schoolroom when the Elementary school burned down.  On February 25th, 1967, the new Legion Hall was opened in its current location on Fourth Avenue and Columbia Street.  For many years, the Legion acted as an unofficial community hall, hosting numerous meetings, events and Legion meetings.


Photo: Eva  Wendell’s grade 9 and 10 class at the high school in the Legion Hall on Main Street, September 1945.  After the Fraser School burnt down in 1947, classes were held all over town, including a room on Main Street, later Mrs. Renshaw’s restaurant, and in a room at the back of Woodley’s garage on the corner of the elementary school yard.  Valley Museum and Archives , Fern Sansom collection.