Goodman Supply Company

Life in a small town, particularly in the days prior to the road coming through were difficult and the kindness of neighbours, and even strangers, was not necessarily uncommon.  There are stories through out McBride of neighbours helping each other, wiping out each other’s debt and even assisting complete strangers. 

Mr. Goodman ran the general store where Fox’s store is now. He was a most charitable man, always had his hand in his pocket to help somebody and in such a way that little was known about it. There was a lady living back of my mother who had two children and her husband worked in the round house. Well, he got appendicitis and died. She took his body to Edmonton for burial and also moved there. Before she left, she gave Mama some money to go and pay Mr. Goodman her grocery bill. He gave Mama a letter of condolence and enclosed in it the receipted bill and also the money Mama paid him. True charity given with no thought of return.” (From Mrs. Renshaw’s journal)


Top: Interior of Goodman’s Supply Company, 1920.  L to R: Jack Goodman, Charles Edwards, and Monte Godell.  Photo courtesy Royal BC Museum.

Bottom: View to the east on Main Street between Second and Fourth Avenues, 1920’s.  Left to right: Cormer garage under construction, Goodman Supply Company, McBride Trading Company.  Photo courtesy Exploration Place.