Bank of Nova Scotia

For business owners in McBride, banking was often an ordeal.  It wasn’t until 40 years after McBride was founded that the first bank opened its doors on Main Street.  1955 was a momentous year when the Bank of Nova Scotia opened the very first bank in McBride in what was the old Forestry building on 2nd Avenue and Main Street.  This meant that business owners in McBride and the surrounding area no longer had to travel to Prince George to do their banking. 

While banking today is primarily done on the internet and phone, banking in the beginning of the twentieth century required the account holder’s presence for most interactions.  This meant that business owners often dealt in cash or had to make trips in to Prince George via the train to do their banking.  Having a branch in McBride made life considerably easier.



Top:  Fall Fair, mid 1950’s, Don Aker, the first bank manager in McBride, presents The Bank of Nova Scotia’s trophy for the best purebred registered dairy cow to owner Bert Long at McBride’s First bank.  Valley Museum and Archives.

Bottom: Bank of Nova Scotia in current location, with Rexall Pharmacy. Valley Museum and Archive.