Jimmy Stewart’s

Construction of this store began in 1936/37 by W.A.E. (Bill) Wall.  The building had a beautiful tooled tin ceiling and new wood flooring.  Originally, the building served as the second site for the McBride Trading Company, which sold everything from clothes to    groceries and dry goods.  Wall’s first version of the Trading Company was just down the street a few lots.  Bill Wall sold the building to Jimmy Stewart who ran a mens clothing store.  Patrons visiting Stewart’s were often greeted by men sitting around the pot belly stove and the simultaneous smells of cigar smoke and whiskey. 

Stewart eventually sold to Steve Kolida who then ran Steve’s Mens Wear from out of the location for many years.  Behind the original building Steve had a cinder block laundromat built for his in-laws to operate.  The original building’s condition deteriorated to the point that Steve moved the business to a different location.  In the late 1970s/early 1980s, a teenager set fire to the building, causing enough damage that it had to be             demolished.  Steve’s Mens Wear, now run by a new generation of Kolidas moved in to the cinderblock building and existed there well into the 1990s.  Since then, the new building has changed ownership and function a few more times.


Photo: Valley Museum and Archives – 2006.03.01