McBride Cemetery

McBride’s first official graveyard was near the Grand Trunk Pacific Hospital, south of the railroad tracks.  In December 1915, a cemetery company (committee) was established by the Conservative Association to apply to the Minister of Lands for a new site.  Original committee members included Mr. L Jamieson, Rev. F Bushfield, and Joe Morgan.  In 1933, this committee continued negotiations with the Grand Trunk Development Company for a piece of land to host a cemetery.  Instead of permits, the issue seemed to be about the price now—$12.50 for the acre and $45 to have it surveyed.  With questions about ownership, the commission decided to leave the whole matter in abeyance. 

While it is not clear what year the cemetery was officially established, by 1935, newspaper records of the Royal Canadian Legion discuss the purchase of two plots for returning soldiers.  In 1951, the cemetery was  officially turned over to the village by the RCMP who had been operating  it since its establishment.


Photo: Valley Museum and Archives