Fraser Hotel

The Fraser Hotel, built in 1914 for Mr. L. A. Johnson, was a 3 storey building with a frontage of 48 feet facing the park, extending back 90 feet.  It was felt that no expense had been spared to make the Hotel Fraser in every way suitable to the requirements of a    growing town.  In its heyday there were three to four hotels operating simultaneously within McBride and all were quite busy.  When it was built, the Hotel had back stairs   leading down to their gender specific outhouses.  Those patrons not brave enough to use local facilities would have to walk a half block to the railway station which had the only   indoor plumbing in 1915.  Given accounts of some of their winter guests who went to bed in a toasty room and woke up to find their clothes frozen to the bedframe in the middle of the night, insulation in the building could not have been too good. 

The Fraser Hotel was lost to a major fire in the early 1950s.  In 1952 the present day McBride Hotel, the second hotel in McBride to bear this name, was built on the site.

Photo: Valley museum and Archives – 1999.01.78