What we are

Valley Museum and Archives was incorporated in 1985. The intention was to collect and preserve information and artifacts from the Robson Valley. The museum and library cooperated to expand the building on Dominion Street in McBride, creating museum display space. Some past displays have been paleontology including local specimens, cameras, nursing, forestry and locally made items of wood, toys, and household items. Local artists are regularly showcased, including group shows by valley children.

In April of 2016, after months of planning, the Regional District of Fraser Fort George, on behalf of the Valley Museum and McBride Library, put forward an assent of the voters to the constituents in the greater McBride area (Dome Creek – North Croydon).  The voters chose to purchase a newer building to house the Library and Museum – 521 Main Street.  Previously a sled shop and commercial garage, the building required extensive renovations – particularly in the museum’s portion.  Through the acquisition of several large grants, the Museum was able to complete its renovations and together on May 29th of 2018 (a little over two full years later), the library and Museum opened their new doors to the public.

The Archives, now stored on site in an a fireproof archival vault, holds an extensive collection of local photographs and documents most of which are also preserved on CD and on the Web. There is an ongoing search for material to collect or scan to ensure that it is retained for this area.

The museums artifacts, which were all stored off site in the past, are now all stored on the property in a detached building. The Valley Museum and Archives has been active in promoting renewal of the McBride Railway station, which is a heritage building, and has given support for maintaining other heritage buildings in the area. Members are also available to make presentations on aspects of local history to interested organizations and in the schools. Valley Museum and Archives is presently in need of new members. All are welcome to join, but especially those who are willing to be active. Membership is $10 per year. Contact 250-569-3000.

Meet The Team

The wonderful people who help make this all possible.


Curator: Bridget Uhl